Heads reproduction in Hercules and hidras battles

  • Eduardo Piza Volio University of Costa Rica
Palabras clave: lógica simbólica y matemática, Internet en la educación, funciones de variable compleja


Hercules killed the Hydra of Lerna in a bloody battle-the second of the labor tasks imposed upon him in atonement for his hideous crimes. The Hydra was a horrible, aggressive mythological monster with many heads and poisonous blood, whose heads multiplied each time one of them was severed.

This paper explores some mathematical methods about this interesting epic battle. A generalization of the original Kirby & Paris model is proposed, concerning a general heads reproduction pattern. We also study the connection of this model with Goodstein ultra-growing and recursive sequences. As an interesting application, we next analyze the inevitable death of another huge monster of our modern era: the Internet.


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Piza Volio, E. (2002). Heads reproduction in Hercules and hidras battles. Pro Mathematica, 16(31-32), 145-164. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.pucp.edu.pe/index.php/promathematica/article/view/8189