Call for Papers

ECONOMÍA Journal was initially established as the “Revista Economía” of the Department of Economics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru (PUCP) in 1977. It is the oldest academic journal on economics in the country. Building on that legacy, ECONOMÍA has now been relaunched as an internationally refereed journal dedicated to publishing original academic research on economics in English, with an expanded and prestigious Editorial Board, as well as a large team of Associated Editors that guarantee the highest theoretical and methodological standards. ECONOMÍA also offers a manuscript management platform that provides an eficient workflow among authors, associate editors and referees throughout the process of manuscript submission and evaluation. In this new stage, ECONOMÍA aspires to continue leading the progress of academic literature in the country as well as position itself in a prominent place in the Latin American region.

ECONOMÍA is a journal of general interest in economics, placing particular emphasis on the Peruvian and Latin-American economies. More specifically, our journal welcomes academic articles of high standards in the following (non-restrictive) areas: macroeconomics, microeconomics, history of economic thought, regional economy, economic history, labor market, economic fluctuations, economic growth, poverty, econometrics, applied economics, economic theory, finances, socio-economic development, environment, energy, health, education, economic policy, exchange rate, inflation, institutions, corruption, crime.

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Some characteristics of the new stage of ECONOMÍA are:
a) Giving authors in all areas of science the opportunity to publish open access.
b) High visibility thanks to unrestricted online access and inclusion in bibliographic databases and indexes.
c) Rigorous peer-review and high-quality author services platform.
e) Easy compliance with open access mandates.

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